Becky's Housekeeping 


WELCOME!  My name is  Becky Short  and I live in Golden, Colorado (originally Minnesota) and I am the sole Owner of Becky's Housekeeping.  I hope you can find all the information you need here on my website!   UPDATE 11/1/18: I am now accepting payment via Zelle!

Lets jump right in.  I am more than just a "surface" cleaner!   After many times of going in after other housekeepers I almost always notice that they have neglected the "deep" cleaning.  For example, UNDER the refrigerator, UNDER the washer/dryer, INSIDE the cupboards doors, edges, baseboards, etc.    I take pride in my work and am very detail oriented and somewhat of a germ-a-phobe.  Disinfecting is a priority, especially if you have kiddo's!

Becky's Housekeeping has also GONE GREEN if you prefer.  I use my own products and equipment and invest in the best products that work and are also ECO-friendly.

I am the ONLY person to enter your home.  I do NOT hire out and have decided not to hire employees so you don't have a different "crew" each cleaning.  I have been in the small business community and housekeeping for about 20 years!

* If you are interested, please fill out the form under "Contact" page (an easier way is coming soon), email me directly or call so we can set up a time where I can stop by to see your home and give you an accurate quote.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a 900 square foot, bi-weekly cleaning is approximately $90-$120.  A single story 1,300 square foot bi-weekly cleaning is around $125.  Most of the larger homes I do bi-weekly, the cost is about $145-$180.  It all depends on your lifestyle and needs!  

 Hope to hear from you!

Becky Short (Mikkelson)

**  Move-in or Move-out cleanings and commercial cleaning available!